Contributing without the setup with Codespaces

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Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison

Senior Enterprise Advocate, GitHub

Bassem Dghaidi

Bassem Dghaidi

Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Chris Muto

Chris Muto

Senior Product Manager, GitHub

Step zero to making a pull request to a project is getting your environment setup to actually write the code. As we all know, this can take hours or potentially days. Between libraries and frameworks to install, version issues to contend with, and tools to configure, the barrier is challenging even in the best of situations.

GitHub Codespaces can resolve this! With it, you can define your development environment with a container and configuration file. Hosted in the cloud, you can connect to the container from anywhere in the world and start writing code with just a browser.

That’s what we’re going to explore in this video: “Contributing without the setup with Codespaces” - now available on demand! Gain valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to update a project to use Codespaces, and how you can start contributing to projects with just a couple of clicks and within minutes not days.

Key takeaways:

  • Contributing to a project with Codespaces from Visual Studio Code
  • Pushing code updates from a Codespace
  • Accessing services running in a Codespace


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