Controlling Feature Releases with GitHub Actions and LaunchDarkly

GitHub Actions is a reliable tool for configuring CI/CD workflows for projects, and at LaunchDarkly, we know that developers need insights into what's happening at the code level in order to maintain balance and velocity.

With LaunchDarkly’s Code References for GitHub Actions, developers can see where flags are in their code, allowing for better maintenance and understanding of dependencies. This combination enables our teams to better manage technical debt, improve collaboration, and release software with more confidence.

Tweaking configurations, adjusting settings based on environment, or even turning off a job can require code changes through a pull request process—even if it’s only a temporary change. This is why we are excited to announce the beta of Flag Evaluations for GitHub Actions. Now, feature flags can be evaluated in a GitHub workflow and later conditionally checked or passed as parameters for future jobs.

The combined power of our Code Reference and Flag Evaluation for GitHub Actions means that teams leveraging LaunchDarkly can ship faster with the confidence that they are not contributing to technical debt.

This session is from the Automate your CI/CD workflows with GitHub Actions event.


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